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Our Impact

  • 5,000 Questions Asked
  • 2,100 Hours Volunteered by Students
  • 1,400 Hours of Free Online Tutoring
  • 90,000 Website visitors

*Estimated figures since Feb. 2013 to March 2015. Our ultimate goal as an organization is to make a difference--a difference that allows students, tutors, and nonprofits to interact seamlessly to create long lasting effects in communities around the country.

To students, we provide the tools necessary to aid and enrich their educations outside of the classroom and to impart the joy of improving their communities and making a personal impact on others.

To tutors, we provide a resource to serve their communities and put their academic talents to use. To reward tutors for their selfless investment in others, we give them the opportunity to win various scholarships and awards supported by Forward Tutoring's sponsors.

To volunteer organizations, we provide a powerful resource to advertise and manage volunteer events, track interested volunteers, improve awareness in their communities, and motivate local students to serve others and seek an exemplary education.

We hope to see you alongside us as we continue our remarkable journey. We strive to make a difference among our rising generation of students as we give back to ourselves, our peers, our predecessors, and our posterity.

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