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JJ Echaniz


JJ works on organizational strategy and leads the finance team to help create a sustainable long-term vision for Forward Tutoring. He collaborates with the leadership team to conceive and develop a dynamic web platform that will enable and encourage students, tutors, and nonprofits to collectively improve communities. JJ's ultimately hopes Forward Tutoring becomes a catalyst in forging strong relationships between students and service organizations and serves as a trailblazer in forming a currency out of service.

JJ is a rising senior at Yale University where he’s learning how to dress in layers and trek through snow after moving to New Haven from Dallas. In his free time he plays on the Yale Water Polo team and tries his best to maintain his use of "y'all" in the north. JJ graduated from Newman Smith, and was part of the International Business Academy.

"No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking."


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